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Find Confidence In Your Next Home With Rock Valley Home Inspections

Rockford Area Home Inspectors

Our team at Rock Valley Home Inspections is equipped with the latest technology and knowledge to ensure that your inspection is as comprehensive and accurate as possible. We provide detailed reports, including any issues or concerns we discover during the inspection process. Our testing services, including mold, water, air, and methamphetamine residue, are performed with precision, giving you a clear understanding of the quality of your home. We pride ourselves on our commitment to accuracy and customer satisfaction.

Service Offerings

What We Provide

Home Inspections

Our inspections include a thorough review of the mechanical, structural, and electrical systems in your home, as well as the exterior grounds and overall area. Our easy-to-understand reports provide you with a clear picture of any issues that may exist and an understanding of what you can do to address them. Our goal is to give our clients peace of mind so they can make informed decisions about their future.

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Water Quality Analysis

At Rock Valley Home Inspections, we believe that every homeowner deserves to have access to clean, safe water. Our team of expert inspectors is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality water analysis services. We use cutting-edge technology and the latest techniques to test your water and identify any contaminants that may be present. With our help, you can rest easy knowing that you’re providing your family with the safest possible water.

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Surface Mold Inspection and Analysis

As one of the most trusted names in the home inspection industry, Rock Valley Home Inspections is committed to providing our customers with the highest level of service and expertise. We offer a wide range of inspection services, including surface mold inspection and analysis. Indoor mold can be a serious problem, leading to a wide range of health problems for you and your family. Our team of experts will identify any potential mold growth and provide you with a detailed analysis of the problem, as well as a comprehensive plan for addressing it.

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Indoor Air Quality Analysis

At Rock Valley Home Inspections, we take pride in ensuring that your indoor environment is safe and healthy. We specialize in indoor air quality testing, and we know the importance of addressing potential health concerns before they become major issues. Mold spores, dust and dander can all contribute to poor indoor air quality, which can negatively impact your health. Our team is dedicated to identifying any problems in your home, so you can breathe easier.

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Methamphetamine Residue Testing

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At Rock Valley Home Inspections, we believe that every homeowner and occupant deserves a safe and healthy living space. Part of that mission includes providing Methamphetamine Testing services to help ensure the safety of all occupants. Our inspectors have the experience and knowledge needed to identify potential dangers before they become harmful. We're committed to performing the most thorough inspections possible. Whether you're purchasing a new home or just want to ensure your current one is safe, Rock Valley Home Inspections is here for you.

Infra Red Thermography

Welcome to Rock Valley Home Inspections, your reliable source for home inspection services. Our team is equipped with the latest technology and tools to detect a range of hidden issues in your home, from water damage to HVAC problems. With our Infra Red Thermography services, we can provide valuable insights that will help you maintain your home's health for years to come. Don’t let unknown issues put your property at risk. Contact us today to schedule your next home inspection.

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Our Clients Say

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I found Rock Valley Home Inspections from Angi's List - Matt responded immediately after I hit "click for quote". So fast! Anyone that responsive is definitely someone I want to work with, so I didn't entertain any other quotes. Best decision ever! Matt is a true professional and has a terrific system in place for his inspection reports. It's all electronic! He gave me some valuable tips, and the confidence I needed going into my home purchase, that careful due diligence was done. I highly recommend Matt at Rock Valley Home Inspections for your home inspection needs.

                                         R.M. Odell

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If you need an inspection, our team is available 7 days a week and same day inspections are usually possible. Please reach out with any questions or to book an inspection.

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